Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Mom is going to have eye surgery for cataracts

I wanted to give everybody an update on Mom and her eyes. Back in May before Dad's passing I had the opportunity to take both Mom and Dad into an Opthamologist. We had been told by several optometrists the past years that Mom's eyes were getting serious and would need to be looked at. The Opthomologist said that Mom has severe cataracts in both eyes, but the worse is her left. He was surprised that she wasn't in pain, because the left eye has a duct that is already impinged by the cataract which typically causes severe pain. Mom says she is not in pain, but that her left eye is very cloudy. This has been the case for several years now.

After Mom had some time to think and pray about it, it has been decided to have eye surgery on Oct. 7, 2015. Then if that one goes well then she will have the other eye operated on in November. 

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